gitk requires font-adobe-dpi75. Adam? Yaakov?

Wed Jan 7 14:28:00 GMT 2015

Hi Adam,

Just a hint ... (for the next release, perhaps)

gitk (i.e tcl-tk) requires an "x-server" (operational dependency). For that reason, I
have xorg-server installed (which includes the XWin command).

XWin (which provides me the required "x-server") is invoked as follows:

    XWin --multiwindow & # now I have an x-server running ...

gitk is invoked as follows:

    DISPLAY=:0 gitk --all

gitk will crash (silently), unless I have font-adobe-dpi75 installed as well ...

gitk does NOT require font-adobe-dpi75 in setup.ini, but apparently it is required in
order for gitk NOT to crash.

Hint: packages like xman and xterm have font-adobe-dpi75 as a requirement in setup.ini

(yes, I could have installed xinit, which (transitively) requires font-abobe-dpi75)


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