Windows Services control - start-stop-restart

Marco Atzeri
Wed Jan 7 12:54:00 GMT 2015

On 1/7/2015 1:35 PM, Simao Pereira wrote:
> Hello to Cygwin Community
> i just started using CygWin on my job, and since it has a Windows culture,
> there is not a native Linux/Unix Plataform.
> so, in order to bring some power to the system i have installed cygwin.
> now my problem:
> after implementing my routines (bash scripting for handling and generate
> files) i need to stop/launch Windows Sevices.
> after online search i found that *cygrunsrv * is a tool native, but i could
> only figure out how to control services instaled on my CygWin.
> The services that i am trying to stop/start are from foreign software
> providers that consume those files i now automaticly produce. but for that
> to happen the service has to be restarted

To start not cygwin services you need to use the windows commands
net start / net stop

for cygwin services
cygrunsrv -S /cygrunsrv -E

do exactly the same

> what i need is some guides on Where to go now.
> Thanks all for your understanding if it is a old/stupid question but i
> didint find mutch information online
> Simao Pereira
> Portugal
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