SSHd configuration problems (System error 1376) - CONFIRMED

Watson, Hal M (MNIT)
Tue Jan 6 20:28:00 GMT 2015

Ok, I'm hopeful this message is going to reach the correct thread.  

Thanks for your patience, I was accessing and posting to the discussion via web browser which is how I discovered it.  Now that I'm properly subscribed to the list and using my email client... on to business.

Regarding sshd configuration using the ssh-host-config command resulting in system error 1376:

>    System error 1376 has occurred.
>    The specified local group does not exist.
>    Adding user 'cyg_server' to local group 'root' failed!

This result is fairly new.  Success was the normal result as recently as a fresh Cygwin64  install on November 7.

In the error scenario, if the user proceeds with the configuration the sshd service is assigned to the local windows  SYSTEM user (per default choice provided if I remember correctly). Tied to the  SYSTEM user account, the sshd service will start and run, but when remote login is attempted, the ssh connection is terminated immediately by host.  

As mentioned, I have both a "root" and "Administrators" entries in my etc\group file as the result of the default install procedure. There is no Windows group 'root'.  The group file was not tampered with by hand.   I see the same 'root' entry in the group file of the server we successfully built on Nov 7.  The fact of the root entry in the group file may not have anything to do with the 1376 problem except that the local group 'root' is mentioned in the error message.

In the error scenario, the Windows user account cyg_server is created.  At conclusion of the process it is a member of the Windows "Users" group only.  I attempted this work-around:

  1) Manually making the Windows cyg_server account a member of the Windows Administrators group (via Windows User management interface)

  2) Then re-running mkpasswd and confirming that user cyg_server was associated with the Administrators group

  3) Then assigning the sshd service to start using the .\cyg_server user (via Windows interface) instead of SYSTEM.  Shutting down and then restarting the service.

The result was the service attempting to start, and then shutting itself down immediately.  This is the work-around as I understand it from the posts above but perhaps I am missing a key step.  Anyway, I'd like to help with solving the underlying problem if possible.

Attached is the result of:   cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out  on my server with sensitive user and site-specific information redacted.  You'll find "XXXXXX" anywhere I made a change to mask that info.

Thanks for your time and any of your insights.  - Hal
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