[RSYNC] bad modify/change time set by rsync ?

LEGOND Fabrice fabrice.legond@gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 19:54:00 GMT 2015


> --modify-window
>      When comparing two timestamps, rsync treats the timestamps as being
>      equal if they differ by no more than the modify-window value.  This
>      is normally 0 (for an exact match), but you may find it useful to
>      set this to a larger value in some situations.  In particular, when
>      transferring to or from an MS Windows FAT filesystem (which
>      represents times with a 2-second resolution), --modify-window=1 is
>      useful (allowing times to differ by up to 1 second).
> Yes, (ex)FAT just doesn't have the resolution to represent some
> timestamps, specifically it can only record even seconds.

Yes, that were also a guess at one moment in my testing time, but was 
discarded because, as I said, I had the very same problem on a ntfs 
partitions which have far greater precision. So is this normal ?


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