[SOLUTION] Never ending SSHD story: offering public key terminates connection

Ilya Dogolazky ilya.dogolazky@nokia.com
Sat Jan 3 22:10:00 GMT 2015

Hello to all the SSHD users!

After reading the documentation at
I learned that there are 3 methods for implementing seteuid in cygwin.
The first and default method seems to be absolutely broken for now, so I 
switched to the 2nd method by calling the magic command "cyglsa-config".

Now my SSHD works (or, at least I have not found how to break it until now).

So here is a short summary, how to get SSHD working on a fresh installed 
windows 8.1 system (windows version is probably not so important, but I 
only tested it with 8.1).

1) Install windows
2) Install cygwin64 with package openssh
3) Open terminal "as admin"
4) $ ssh-host-congig -y (will FAIL)
5) $ net localgroup Administrators sshd /ADD
6) $ net localgroup Administrators cyg_server /ADD
7) $ cygrunsrv -S sshd
8) $ ssh localhost /bin/echo BLAH (password -> SUCCESS)
9) $ ssh-keygen.exe
10) $ ssh localhost /bin/echo BLAH (will FAIL now)
11) $ cyglsa-config
12) Reboot the machine now
13) $ ssh localhost /bin/echo BLAH (password -> SUCCESS)
14) $ cp .ssh/id_rsa.pub .ssh/authorized_keys
15) $ ssh localhost /bin/echo BLAH (works without password, DONE)

Dear CYGWIN developers! Please fix the whole system in such a way that 
SSHD will be installable and configurable in 5 minutes without any 
knowledge of windows internals, as it was years ago.


Ilya Dogolazky

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