SSHd configuration problems (System error 1376) - CONFIRMED

Hal Watson
Fri Jan 2 22:30:00 GMT 2015

Hello all, thanks for this thread.

I just got a request for several new servers this week, and System error
1376 issue has cropped up for the first time. These are fresh installs of
stable release Cygwin X64 on a fresh Windows 2012 Server.  The "1376" error
seems to have cropped up in the last month.

I've gone through the suggestions in the thread (above) but after making the
resulting cyg_server user a member of the Windows Administrators group, and
regenerating my passwd file (mkpasswd), I then attempt to start the sshd
service. I can start the service as the local SYSTEM user, but cannot
connect (ssh connection is terminated immediately by host)from a remote machine.

If I change the sshd service to start as user cyg_server (via Windows
interface), the service won't start. It attempts to start and then
immediately shuts down.  Maybe this is a new clue?

Like Henri I have both a "root" entry and an "Administrators" entry in my
group file. As far as I can tell they were generated as part of the default
Cywin post-installation. I see this is true for installs we did earlier this
year also.


Over the years my organization has been moving all of our new file servers
to Windows and I'm relying on SSH via Cygwin to connect to them and push
data from our Linux infrastructure.  Up to now it has been rock-solid.

I'm not a guru with Cygwin, but maybe I can be a good tester here? 

Willing to help, Thanks. 

Hal Watson, Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources

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