unclear wording on getfacl manpage (--all != ALL)

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Sat Feb 28 14:02:00 GMT 2015

On Feb 27 15:58, Linda Walsh wrote:
> on the CYGWIN getfacl manpage, it has
>   -a, --all
>       display  the  filename, the owner, the group, and the ACL of the
>       file
> --
> But in the linux version it says:
>    -a, --access
>        Display the file access control list.
> --
> The "--all" in the cygwin cygwin version sounds like it
> should display all ACL-related entries, but it really only
> displays the inode-specific acl on directories.
> To display "all ACL-related entries", one uses no parameter.
> The usage of "--all" to indicate the option "limits" output
> to only the "inode-specific" part is confusing and unclear.

The original getfacl was based on the Solaris getfacl (just as Cygwin's
ACL handling is based on the Solaris one).  It only had -a.  I guess the
--all was a thinko when adding the long options, as was --dir.

I changed that to --access and --default as on Linux.  I kept the --all
and --dir in for backward compatibility.  They are just undocumented now.


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