I really, really wonder ...

Houder houder@xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 28 13:59:00 GMT 2015

> On Feb 27 19:17, Houder wrote:
>> (you are welcome NOT to reply -- I just wanted to get this off my chest :-)
> I reply, but I won't look any further.  As I wrote already I'm planning

You won't look further? No problem :-) It was not my intention to "force" you
to dig deeper (i.e. the source code).

As you are aware, other people (perhaps new to Cygwin) read this mailing list
as well :-) My post was primarily meant to be illustrative ...

> to rewrite the ACL handling anyway.  It's *the* big change for 1.7.36.

Yes, I have not forgotten. I made a note of it in my notebook :-))


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