Cygwin hangs up if several keys are typed during outputting a lot of texts.

Denis Excoffier
Sat Feb 28 13:16:00 GMT 2015

On 2015-02-28 06:40, Takashi Yano wrote:
> Package: cygwin
> Version: 1.7.34-6
> Cygwin often hangs up if several keys are input during a lot of text outputs.
> To reproduce this problem:
> 1) Start a new cygwin session on mintty.
> 2) Execute
>   or
>     od /dev/urandom
> 3) Hit 'a' key several times during text outputs.
> If echo is disabled like:
> the problem does not occur.

I concur.

The same occurs under xterm and 1.7.35-0.5 (under NT).

You can pipe your yes/od command into 'head -10000' and the same
applies (as long as you type the additional characters before the end
of course).

In fact, Cygwin does not hang, only the xterm window hangs.

And, the same: with 'stty -echo' the problem does not occur.

I'll add that this is not new (occurred for me at least for the last few months, even perhaps years).

I'm happy that Takashi found:
- a fully reproducible case
- that the problem vanishes with stty -echo (that could perhaps mean a quick resolution...)


Denis Excoffier.
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