xlaunch small glitch

Denis Excoffier cygwin@Denis-Excoffier.org
Sat Feb 28 08:10:00 GMT 2015


In the last xlaunch package, the etc/postinstall/xlaunch.sh reads:

% cat /etc/postinstall/xlaunch.sh.done
# add a start menu shortcut
case $(uname -s) in *-WOW64) wow64=" (32-bit)" ;; esac
/usr/bin/mkdir -p "$(/usr/bin/cygpath $CYGWINFORALL -P)/Cygwin-X${wow64}"
/usr/bin/mkshortcut $CYGWINFORALL -P -i /usr/bin/xlaunch.exe -n "Cygwin-X${wow64}/XLaunch" -a "/usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c /usr/bin/xlaunch.exe" /usr/bin/run.exe

# add file association for opening and editing .xlaunch files
/usr/share/xlaunch/setupreg.sh add

The "WOW64" on second line should be changed into "WOW*" (or equivalent) since now the W7 32bits are now called "CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW".


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