Too Many Permissions Stripped In 1.7.35?

random user
Fri Feb 27 08:25:00 GMT 2015

Regarding Corrinne's proposal to treat SYSTEM's ACE distinct from others
in forming the apparent group permission "mask":

Might it be sensible to do somewhat similar for the case where a file's
owner is the same as its primary group (i.e., same SID)?  It has seemed
the chmod behavior for this case has long been what's proposed (at least
for the typical case of a chmod leaving the user with wider privileges
than the group), but the group permission bits have appeared set to ls
and other tools.  It would seem to help re ~/.ssh and other cases that
are checked by programs wanting there to not be any group permissions.

(Less sure I think this is really a good idea, but it'd seem consistent
with treating SYSTEM this way given the standard default ACLs on
/c/Users/<user>):  Should Administrators be treated the same as SYSTEM?


As long as I'm posting:  My hearty thanks to Corrinne, Yaakov, and the
many others for their work to make Cygwin as full and useful a system as
it has become.

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