Too Many Permissions Stripped In 1.7.35?

Achim Gratz
Thu Feb 26 20:50:00 GMT 2015

Bryan Berns writes:
> I honestly haven't read up exactly how Cygwin interprets NTFS
> ACL/ACEs, but I remember seeing on the mailing list that a change was
> made in 1.7.35 was made to permission handling.  It is preferable in
> my organization that the SYSTEM account always have full control the
> local file system.  When using chmod under 1.7.35, it looks like
> permissions for SYSTEM get stripped (as well as some others).  Is this
> the desired behavior?

That's the latest attempt to make those tools conform more closely to
POSIX semantics (which it actually does).  As you note, this is fine if
that's your goal and undesired or even somewhat dangerous if you aren't
aware of it and letting them lose on Windows' own files.  I have an
inkling that (just like acl/noacl) this removal of ACL depending on
which way you set the file modes should probably be an option to chose
in the fstab for each mount listed there, especially if it works on bind
mounts.  However, I'm not sure how much that would complicate the code
and if it's realistic to expect that to be implemented soon.

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