Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Feb 25 20:50:00 GMT 2015

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> This release introduces a rewrite of the functions being the main
> culprit for the slowness of fetching account information from AD.
> There are still a few potential ways to hone the results, but code-wise
> there isn't a lot left to do anymore.

I'll reply here…

I've just tested the latest snapshot (aka the 0.4 release) via VPN.  The
basic test is starting a mintty from a cmd prompt and have mintty run
some program depending on the test.  I run two tests, one is just an
"echo test" which uses the builtin echo of the shell that mintty just
fired up, the other does a "git status".  Connected via LAN the echo
tests take all under a second now save for a few excursion when I didn't
start cygwrunserv that were around 1.5s.  The git test takes a bit
longer depending on whether I start it on a network share or a local
directory, but completes in under 2s.

Now, connecting via the VPN and not running cygserv I get 2s for the
echo test and 47/42/6 seconds for git status on two different network
shares and a local repository (these repositories are all fairly small,
just some local configuration stuff).  With cygserv running, these times
change to 1/49/5/5 seconds (yes, it took two seconds longer on one of
the network shares).

As it happens, I can force the VPN to connect almost exactly from the
other side of the globe, which will produce a long roundtrip time
(unless you are having a satellite link in there somewhere or really
stupid routing it can't get much worse than that).  In this case, with
cygserv running I get 15/840/40/85 seconds.  Without cygserv, this
becomes 39/789/-/95 (I skipped one of the network shares for this test).
Again there's one network share that had better performance for the git
test without cygserv.  Another interesting bit is that the echo test
time actually depended on whether the working directory was on a network
share (resulting in 39 seconds) or on the local drive (where it only
took 26 seconds).

So, those changes in the latest snapshot look good from that perspective
and the remaining delays, at least with cygserv running are in any case
not attributable to the LDAP integration.  I don't have an old Cygwin
installation o that machine anymore, but the results w/ cygserv on the
long latency link match my experience of using that long latency link
"for real" about a year ago.

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