Cygwin DLLs being modified somehow?

Andrey Repin
Mon Feb 23 19:51:00 GMT 2015

Greetings, Michael DePaulo!

> I found this too:

> However, this leads to a another question. On the X2Go project, we
> compile nxproxy, a 3rd-party piece of software that we are now
> maintaining, against Cygwin. We also recompile Cygwin OpenSSH with an
> X2Go-compatibility patch applied and with Kerberos support disabled.

Is this really necessary? What parts of the OpenSSH need patching, and why
disabling Kerberos support?

> (We make sure to comply with the GPL.)

Noted. Though, it took several attempts to find links to a source code on your
And "Download binary" links dumping visitor into a directory full of
different versions isn't speaking to your advantage.
Take example from and rework your downloads page.

> So far we have just been distributing these .exe files and .dll
> files[1] in the X2Go Client directory (C:\Program Files
> (x86)\x2goclient\), which also contains regular win32 code. We do not
> run the Cygwin installer or call rebase. We use NSIS for our
> installer, and it simply copies the files.

> So my question is: Is there a better way to distribute/install these 2
> programs?
> (We want to make X2Go Client for Windows easy to install, even for
> people who have never used Cygwin. We also want to update/upgrade
> these files in between X2Go Client maintenance releases (like 4.0.3.x)
> only when there is a need to, such as a security update.)

> Also, in the absence of a doing things differently, should we just
> distribute the original .exe and .dll files from the cygwin binary
> packages?

I have a counter-question. Any objection you have to distribute your
application as part of Cygwin infrastructure?
You can still keep your NSIS installer, assuming you change it to download
appropriate setup.exe, and you could offer an option to make portable
installation from live system, knowing well that it's already rebased and
ready to work.
And Cygwin users, who also happened to be users of your app, will benefit from
NOT having to solve conflicts between multiple Cygwin1 DLL's.

Andrey Repin ( 23.02.2015, <21:13>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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