bash / readline problem with cd, directories with spaces, nospace

Henry S. Thompson
Mon Feb 23 17:42:00 GMT 2015

[OK, here's the message body I _thought_ I sent with the cygcheck
output which is all that appears to have been received...]

I _think_ this is a regression, but my memory for this sort of thing
is terrible.

With libreadline7-6.3.8-1, given that I have

 /c/Program Files
 /c/Program Files (x86)

If I type

 > cd /c/Prog[tab]

I get [bell/flash] and

 > cd /c/Program

All correct so far

 > cd /c/Program[tab]
 > cd /c/Program[tab again]
 Program Files/    Program Files (x86)/    ProgramData/
 > cd /c/Program

Still as expected

 > cd /c/Program\ [tab]

_Not_ as expected, should give

 Program Files/    Program Files (x86)/
 > cd /c/Program\ Files

Overriding the standard (Linux too, where I cannot reproduce the problem)
 complete -o nospace -F _cd cd
 complete -o default -F _cd cd
fixes this, but I don't _think_ it used to happen.

Related (?) problem

 > cd /c/'Prog'[tab]

should result in

 > cd /c/Program

but in fact just gives [bell/flash]

Can anyone reproduce, either correct behaviour with earlier readline
and/or earlier bash-completion than 1.3-1, or same problem as me?

Or have I inadvertently screwed something up?


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