cygwin64: Issue with sigaddset

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Feb 23 16:48:00 GMT 2015

On Feb 23 10:25, Richard Elberger wrote:
> I think I did more than I needed to.  I extracted the inst package as
> well.
> 64-bit.  yeah I did the stupid thing of putting in x86 and ash’s
> inability to run (for rebase) let me know that I had screwed something
> up.
> I will follow your instruction below.  My fault for not backing up
> files beforehand - lesson learned.
> You may hear from me again soon - I have some weird problem with perl
> -w (other tests failing in core).  I need to use the ‘filetest
> “strict”’ pragma in order to get it to work since that changes
> behavior to include ACL evaluation.  Basically it’s not treating
> someone in the Administrators group as a ‘rootish’ user.  i.e. if a
> file is 0444 and user A is in Administrators group, -w test fails.
> But under ‘filetest “strict”’ it passes. The queer thing here is that
> in perl, it seems I can open the file for writing even if -w fails.
> Anyways, it’s still not clear enough in my head to figure out if it’s
> cygwin or perl that needs to account for it.

This is a known perl problem, afaik, and not reported for the first
time.  It seems the -r/-w/-x tests check the file permissions returned
by stat(2), but they should test access based on the return value of
access(2) or faccessat(2) calls instead.


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