Unexpected EINVAL from pthread_join

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Feb 23 12:59:00 GMT 2015

On Feb 22 22:54, Lasse Collin wrote:
> It seems that a signal can cause pthread_join to incorrectly return
> EINVAL. I debugged it only a little but hopefully someone finds this
> useful:
> In the file thread.cc, function pthread::join, the call to cygwait may
> return WAIT_SIGNALED if a signal is sent to the process. The switch
> statement handling the return value assumes that only WAIT_OBJECT_0 and
> WAIT_CANCELED are possible. The default section of the switch statement
> has a comment "should never happen" and it returns EINVAL. It might be
> that the problem occurs only when SA_RESTART isn't used.

Lasse, I'm sorry, but I can't handle that quickly.  Since you're
looking into the code and apparently understanding it, maybe you'd
like to provide patches, too?  Please have a look at
https://cygwin.com/contrib.html.  Patches <= 10 lines don't even
need a copyright assignment.


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