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On Feb 21 12:25, cyg Simple wrote:
> > From: Corinna Vinschen
> > 
> > Maybe it is actually simpler than that.  Invalidating the cache as a whole
> > probably never makes sense.  In fact there are two reasons for
> > invalidation:
> > 
> > - The pw_name, pw_shell, pw_home, pw_gecos settings for a user changed.
> > 
> How is pw_name going to change without a logoff?

You're looking at the current user only.  I'm talking about creating
arbitrary passwd entries.

> > - The interface to the DC was broken and there are entries of the type
> >   Achim mentioned, "DOM+User(RID)".
> > 
> > The first case can only be fixed by invalidating the cache on a regular basis.  If
> > we didn't fetch the info for a user for, say, 5 minutes, drop the entry from the
> > cache and renew the information by asking the DC again.
> > 
> Maybe too many requests to the DC for all users?  Couldn't you just
> reinitialize if the network data changes?  There are times when I
> would be on the DC and times when I am not with the same account.

Doesn't matter, we're not invalidating the cache yet anyway.  It was
just idle musing.


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