Cygwin DLLs being modified somehow?

René Berber
Mon Feb 23 10:56:00 GMT 2015

On 2/22/2015 7:53 PM, Michael DePaulo wrote:

> I am seeing very weird behavior and I am hoping that someone can explain it.
> This happens on 2 different machines. My personal Windows 10 64-bit
> machine, and a Windows 7 64-bit VM hosted by the X2Go project on
> another continent.
> It seems to be happening to multiple DLLs, but I will list one example below.
> I install 32-bit Cygwin with the 2.870 installer
> libopenssl100 is one of the packages that gets installed. It is at
> version. 1.0.1k-1
> /bin/cygcrypto-1.0.0.dll always appears to be 1,820,199 bytes, and it
> always appears to be last modified on 1/8/2015 20:30 UTC.
> When I extract it from the tarball:
> Its md5sum is:
> c79b900428d91e5882c24bbb6bc36969
> And its sha256sum is:
> 53376a3d69be996cb71abda41b7cc6bea7a599b027fe819323fafc3c433b7767
> Yet on both systems, once installed, its m5sum and sha1sum differ!

The installation, you may have noticed, always runs rebase at the end.

There's very little documentation left about rebase, the only one I
found is in:

René Berber

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