wish: setup.exe should remember the desktop icon setting

Roland Illig roland.illig@gmx.de
Mon Feb 23 10:22:00 GMT 2015

Am 22.02.2015 um 21:53 schrieb Andrew Schulman:
>> Hi,
>> when I run setup.exe for the first time, it shows a checkbox somewhere
>> at the end of the wizard, allowing me to create a Cygwin icon on the
>> desktop.
>> I donÂ’t want this icon, so I uncheck that box. But when I later run
>> setup.exe again, the checkbox is checked again, and I have to manually
>> uncheck it again.
>> setup.exe should remember the last setting of the checkbox.
> Running setup with the -n switch, 
>   setup-x86_64.exe -n
> disables creation of the shortcuts.

I donÂ’t think IÂ’m the only one who doesnÂ’t like the current behavior.
Therefore it should be fixed directly in setup.exe. It alread remembers
the preferred download site, so why not extend this to also remembering
the userÂ’s desktop icon preference?

And whenever a user changes his mind, he will see the checkbox again
after every installation of a package. (Since thatÂ’s how setup.exe
currently works.)


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