wish: when setup.exe detects a running Cygwin process, it should retry

Roland Illig roland.illig@gmx.de
Sun Feb 22 19:36:00 GMT 2015


when setup.exe is updating some packages and detects that there are
running Cygwin processes, it shows a dialog listing the running
processes. At the bottom of the dialog there are two buttons: Abort and

As long as it is shown, the dialog should regularly check the running
processes, and when all these processes are gone, close itself
automatically, so that no further interaction is needed.

If that is not possible, there should be a Recheck button at the bottom
of the dialog to re-do the check for running processes.

Another closely related issue: it seems to me that there is a
running_processes_found flag somewhere that is set to true when this
dialog pops up. This seems wrong since it should only be set when there
were some running processes _and_ the user has chosen to continue anyway.


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