make android device file system visible as unix path

Sun Feb 22 10:31:00 GMT 2015

V.99 <v.99 <at>> writes:
>On 14.2.2015 4:25, andy wrote:
>> It doesn't have a drive letter in Windows Explorer.  The name is
>> simply "Moto G".  When I "ls /cygdrive", I see on the c-drive.  I
>> think that the handset's visibility to Windows Explorer is based on
>> MTP USB, but that's just something I'm learning about right now.
> Root of the problem is in the nature of Media Transfer Protocol.
> This protocol behaves differently than usual filesystem. For this
> reason there is no drive letter for Your Moto G in Windows, nor in
> Cygwin.  Best solution I found so far: install sshd on Your Moto G
> and use scp or rsync to backup files from Your android device.  I am
> using SSHelper.

I remember ssh from grad school days (Solaris machines at school).
It's an encrypted command line session.  And scp is like cp.  But for
syncing a folder of text files between the handset & the laptop, it
might be easier to simply use Windows Explorer to copy the handset
folder to a temp area on the laptop, then use diff or vimdiff to
reconciles differences.

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