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Sun Feb 22 07:12:00 GMT 2015

> From: Corinna Vinschen
> Maybe it is actually simpler than that.  Invalidating the cache as a whole
> probably never makes sense.  In fact there are two reasons for
> invalidation:
> - The pw_name, pw_shell, pw_home, pw_gecos settings for a user changed.

How is pw_name going to change without a logoff?

> - The interface to the DC was broken and there are entries of the type
>   Achim mentioned, "DOM+User(RID)".
> The first case can only be fixed by invalidating the cache on a regular basis.  If
> we didn't fetch the info for a user for, say, 5 minutes, drop the entry from the
> cache and renew the information by asking the DC again.

Maybe too many requests to the DC for all users?  Couldn't you just reinitialize if the network data changes?  There are times when I would be on the DC and times when I am not with the same account.

> As for the second case, the DOM+User(RID) entries are undesired and wrong
> anyway.  So maybe the caching code could do what you said in the first place.
> Invalidate the cache on every network change.  But then, only invalidate the
> entries of the aforementioned type.

A network change event works fine for me but not a timer event.

> Care to hack a bit?	

I'll take to NET plea as well.  I'm doing good to read the list mail.

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