slow startup after upgrade

Roger Orr
Wed Feb 18 23:14:00 GMT 2015

> > and also it no longer opens 14
> > TCP/IP sessions to various ldap servers around the planet (!)
> Uh, that might be the result of the other changes which don't open an
> LDAP connection to fetch group info.  14 connections probably means,
> you're in 14 groups in other domains than your login domain.

There weren't any other LDAP requests logged (I was testing with the first
patch 1.7.35-0.1 that reduced the time for running "echo.exe" from 120s to
4.5s) so I don't think it was related to another query.  I may be able to
test this out again tomorrow and get the call stacks of the connect calss.

Incidentally how can you tell the patch level of cygwin1.dll -- the DLL
versions all seem to be 1007.35.0.0 ?


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