Setup and perl

Achim Gratz
Wed Feb 18 13:50:00 GMT 2015

Angelo Graziosi writes:
> Today I run setup to update Cygwin and it wanted to install perl_base
> as dependency (I don't remember which version). OK.
> Then I saw that there was a new test release of Cygwin (1.7.35-03) and
> since I was using 1.7.35-2, I re-run setup to install it. And after
> choosing only 1.7.35-03 in Exp/Pendig, setup wanted to install another
> time perl_base as dependency. This time I took note: it was version
> 5.14.4-3 (setup.ini says it is in TEST). OK.
> For sanity check, I re-run setup and found in Curr/Pendig a version of
> file and... oops perl_autorebase-001001, being 5.14.4-3 currently
> installed...
> I wonder if all this is to be expected...

Sort of, now that you say it… the test version of perl does require
perl_base as a dependency, but that requirement also carries to all
other versions unfortunately.  I'll upload an empty package for current.

As for perl_autorebase, it does not matter which version you install and
the perl_autorebase-001001-1 package will be removed soon.

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