make android device file system visible as unix path

Sun Feb 15 18:50:00 GMT 2015

On 14.2.2015 4:25, andy wrote:
> It doesn't have a drive letter in Windows Explorer.  The name is simply
> "Moto G".  When I "ls /cygdrive", I see on the c-drive.  I think that the
> handset's visibility to Windows Explorer is based on MTP USB, but that's
> just something I'm learning about right now.
Hi Andy.
Root of the problem is in the nature of Media Transfer Protocol. This 
protocol behaves differently than usual filesystem. For this reason 
there is no drive letter for Your Moto G in Windows, nor in Cygwin.
Best solution I found so far: install sshd on Your Moto G and use scp or 
rsync to backup files from Your android device.
I am using SSHelper.


.: Vlado :.

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