make android device file system visible as unix path

Corinna Vinschen
Sun Feb 15 18:41:00 GMT 2015

On Feb 14 07:49, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, andy!
> >> > My Moto G connects to the laptop via USB, and can be seen using Windows
> >> > Explorer.  Is there a way to make it visible as a Unix path?  /cygdrive does
> >> > not show it.
> >> 
> >> Are you including the drive letter?  If it’s the G: drive in Windows
> > Explorer, you need to say something
> >> like “ls /cygdrive/g”, not “ls /cygdrive”.
> >> 
> >> If it isn’t appearing as a drive letter in Windows, they’re probably using
> > some kind of Explorer shell
> >> extension, which would mean the device isn’t visible through normal
> > Windows mechanisms, hence not
> >> visible to Cygwin.
> > It doesn't have a drive letter in Windows Explorer.  The name is simply
> > "Moto G".  When I "ls /cygdrive", I see on the c-drive.  I think that the
> > handset's visibility to Windows Explorer is based on MTP USB, but that's
> > just something I'm learning about right now.
> There's no MTP adapter for Cygwin. You're welcome to write one, though.

That would be really cool.  In theory it should be possible to write
a Cygwin fhandler class which accesses MTP/PTP devices.  Quite a bit of
work, probably, but doable.  Maybe JonY's idea to create some plugin
DLL mechanism into CYgwin would be a good start.


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