Writing to /dev/clipboard from multiple processes in Bash gives inconsistent behaviour

cyg Simple cygsimple@gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 15:44:00 GMT 2015

> From: Adam Dinwoodie
> In which case, I wonder if it's worth adding something to the FAQ/BLODA
> this?  I guess not, at least until someone independently encounters this
> behaviour so it warrants the "F" as well as the "AQ".

I find it strange that someone would be using /dev/clipboard for a temporary
buffer of data for a batch process anyway.  Too many opportunities for that
data to be corrupted by other actions of the user.  So in other words, just
don't do that; it isn't portable and it is prone to error.  The proper use
would be for a user to store content in /dev/clipboard that the user would
then use immediately to paste elsewhere.  It should never be used for
programmatic operation where the operation is dependent on the result later;
it wasn't designed for that.

cyg Simple

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