xemacs crash when fontifying files

Vin Shelton acs@xemacs.org
Fri Feb 13 15:05:00 GMT 2015

Will Parsons writes:
> I've recently noticed that xemacs will crash if one attempts to turn on
> syntax highlighting via turn-on-font-lock (even started with the -q option),
> but only if run under X.  (If X is not running, there is no problem.)  The
> crash causes the following to print:
> Lisp backtrace follows:
>   dispatch-non-command-events()
>   # (condition-case ... . ((nil)))
>   progress-feedback-dispatch-non-command-events()
>   # bind (tmsg top frame value message label)
>   append-progress-feedback(font-lock "Fontifying recdabas.c..." 0 nil)
>   # bind (frame value message label)
>   display-progress-feedback(font-lock "Fontifying recdabas.c..." 0)
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> Although I don't use XEmacs a lot, I do have it configured as the editor to
> use for entering configuration control check-in messages, so I think the
> problem must be fairly recent or I would have noticed it before.
> (If this problem is better posted to the Cygwin-xfree list, let me know and
> I'll post it there.)

As Volker posted, there's a workaround for this:

(setq progress-feedback-use-echo-area t)

Is this with 21.4.23?  There is a patch in 21.4.23 specifically designed
to work around this.


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