directories needed to make Cygwin portable

Christian Franke
Thu Feb 12 07:30:00 GMT 2015

Garegin Asatryan wrote:
> I want to run Cygwin (to run ddrescue, among other things) on WinPE.
> Which folders do I need from the Cygwin installation copied over.
> Someone mentioned just the cygwin1.dll, but apparently that's not
> enough. I tried the bin folder and ddrescue didn't throw any errors,
> off the bat. What about the dev, etc, home, and lib folders. Do I need
> them too?

For tools like ddrescue, which do not require external support files in 
/etc, /usr or /var, simply put the executable and the required Cygwin 
DDLs in the same directory. Use cygcheck to get a list of these DDLs.

ddrescue and smartctl: cyggcc_s-1.dll cygstdc++-6.dll cygwin1.dll
coreutils tools like dd, ls: cyggcc_s-1.dll cygiconv-2.dll cygintl-8.dll 

I successfully tested Cygwin ddrescue in the Windows console of a Win7 
Recovery CD.


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