no signals from shell in mintty after starting from console

Andrey Repin
Mon Feb 9 22:35:00 GMT 2015

Greetings, Thomas Wolff!

>>> Run Cygwin Console.
>>> Start mintty from there (without run or cygstart).
>>> stty -a looks normal.
>>> In mintty, sleep 9, then ^C or ^\ or ^Z. None of them works.
>>> Neither can mintty be interrupted from the starting console with ^C.
>> Again, WJFFM
> Again, I see it on all my systems...

>>> Both works with xterm. Not sure, though, whether it's a mintty issue
>>> as interruption from the console doesn't work either.
>> See above.
>> I suspect you're in for a ghost hunt or complete reinstall.
> Just reproduced on a fresh, minimal installation (no extra configuration).

Ghost hunt then. Something intercepts the keyboard.
Try starting from

Andrey Repin ( 10.02.2015, <01:26>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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