slow startup after upgrade

Mon Feb 9 22:26:00 GMT 2015

Sorry for the double post, just noticed a very similar thread. I do
have domain account. What I did now to speed up startup:
created local db with mkpasswd and mkgroup
created nsswitch.conf allowing only files to be read.

Now everything back to normal.

I read the new DB method is better, but I can access the domain only
when I make a VPN connection to my company, so for me an offline
password file works better.

2015-02-09 22:58 GMT+01:00 xian <>:
> Recently I updated my Cygwin packages and since then starting bash or
> mintty takes much longer then before.
> I tried with a fresh install too but with the same effect. I do have
> (corporate) antivirus but the old version still starts pretty quickly.
> How can I debug why do I have to wait long seconds for a prompt? I
> still have the old install restored from backup, so I can make
> comparisons if necessary.

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