ls not in sync with chmod (weird problems with file permissions)

diod lightbulb
Mon Feb 9 21:01:00 GMT 2015

On 9 February 2015 at 17:26, Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> On Feb  9 16:37, diod lightbulb wrote:
>> HI all,
>> Maybe this is a regression. This is linked to the problem reported in
>> this other thread .
>> I took notice of
>> it right after I updated cygwin (setup.exe 2.867) today.
> Does
> help?
> Corinna

Hi, Corinna,

Sorry, I didn't get the time to completely check the other thread as I
had a lot of troubles subscribing to the mailing list, your answer was
already there.Thank you, this answer is spot on.

To sum up (please correct me if I'm wrong), here is how I understand
what happened:
a- the Posix file permissions under my home directory remained pretty
much the same as those files/directories were created by
cygwin-related apps
b- After your fix, the ACLs struck back in non-cygwin generated files.
Unfortunately, even if I took care chmod'ing (644) nearly all my
files, the ACLs got rid of all that.

All I can do now is apparently to run all my pre-existing files thru
setfacl -b (I like to keep my files with 644 permissions) followed by
chmod. I just have to figure out how to retain the execution bit for
the few select executables that need it.

However, I'd like to ask somthing else, is there a way to make newly
created files outside my home to respect my umask? I just tried touch
still buggy; ll stillbuggy reports -rw-rwxr--+ while  stat -c " %a %u
%g" stillbuggy     gives back " stillbuggy 674 1000 545. So ACL still
seems in effect on both my D: and E: drives except my cygwin home
directory. Any hint welcome.


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