Very slow Cygwin startup on Windows 7

Dennis Hagarty (dehagart)
Mon Feb 9 17:36:00 GMT 2015

>> Hi,
>> I've been a long-time Cygwin user and become quite dependent on it.
>> So, I'm in a bit of a pickle since I did an update from a mirror site today, and now my Cygwin window startup takes about 3-4 MINUTES (it was < 2 seconds before).
>> I'd been using it and all was well, and then the update seemed to 'do' something which results in this behaviour (there were quite a few updates).
>> I have been through the archives and tried what I could find - It's certainly nothing to do with bash completion.
>> Login from a remote machine to my Cygwin-enabled device is normal.
>> Also, I can start multiple minitty sessions from one Cygwin window and it's almost instantaneous.
>> But clicking on the desktop icons requires a multi-minute wait.
>> Any ideas where to start?
>> The daemons/services seem to be fine. 
>> There are no entries in the event log.
>> There are no resources being consumed.
>> I've taken out my .rc and profiles files and no difference.
>> I'm happy to go digging, but I need a pointer of where to dig.
>> Here is the output of my cygcheck:
>> <snip>
> Does changing /etc/nsswitch.conf help?  If the file doesn't exist,
> what if you create it and then set the passwd and grouip entries
> to
>  passwd: files
>   group: files
> Then start another mintty via the desktop shortcut and see if it
> starts faster.
> If that's the problem, you seem to have a slow or unusable connection to
> your DC.  Unfortunately you stripped almost all usable information from
> your cygcheck output, like environment variables, etc.
> Corinna

Sorry, I only meant to edit out the UID values from the DC.
Here is the full list of cygcheck --sysinfo --verbose: 

Well, nsswitch.conf was a good suggestion - I'd left it as the default (which is empty), but I added a 'files' entry and it came good again.
Changing the passwd and group entries to 'files db' makes it very slow again.

Not sure what changed here, I have a very good connection to my DC, but obviously something wrong here now.


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