ls not in sync with chmod (weird problems with file permissions)

diod lightbulb
Mon Feb 9 15:37:00 GMT 2015

HI all,

Maybe this is a regression. This is linked to the problem reported in
this other thread .
I took notice of
it right after I updated cygwin (setup.exe 2.867) today.

My umask is 022. The drives are NTFS. CYGWIN is set to ntsec even if I
just saw today that it is obsolete by now (I also tried setting acl in
/etc/fstab but it didn't change the weird behavior described below).

1-  For pre-existing files/directories under /cygdrive/d and /cygdrive/e
All my file permissions that were correctly reported by ls -l as
rw-r--r-- became all of a sudden -rw-rwxr--+ ??? The same for
directories where all previously 755 dirs came back as drwxrwxr-x+

2- I tried to see what happened with a newly created file

% cygcheck --version
cygcheck (cygwin) 1.7.34

% cd /cygdrive/d/foo
% touch buggy
% ls -l buggy
-rw-rwxr--+ 1 green Users 0 Feb  7 20:07 buggy*
% stat -c " %a %u %g" buggy
 " buggy 674 1000 545

What the hell? I expected 644.

% chmod 644 buggy
% stat -c " %a %u %g" buggy
 " buggy 674 1000 545

Oooch, no change??? chmod used to work before today (BTW, same
behavior for pre-existing files: chmod has no effect).

Worse, using secaudit, I now get

% secaudit -v buggy
secaudit 1.4.1 : NTFS security data auditing
Interpreted Unix owner 1000, group 0, mode 0777

What? 0777 ????

% chmod g-w buggy; secaudit -v buggy reported 0677 while ls -l
reported no change whatsoever!!

3- Under my home directory (which is also on the D: drive), everything
seems to be fine (for both pre-existing files/directories and newly
created files)

% cd ~; touch doinfine; ls -l doinfine reports rw-r--r-- and secaudit
as well as stat report a 644 mode.

So I still have the expected (and desired behavior) right under my
home directory but nowhere else (even on the same drive).

This is really annoying, hope someone can investigate into this.


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