[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: ssh-pageant-1.4-1

Michael Wild themiwi@gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 13:06:00 GMT 2015

Hi Andrey

On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 10:05 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Finally I can have access to elevated pageant from regular desktop!
> Autostart (elevated):
> test -f "$HOME/.ssh_agent" && . "$HOME/.ssh_agent"
> eval $(ssh-pageant.exe -k)
> ssh-pageant.exe -s | tee "$HOME/.ssh_agent"
> .bashrc:
> test -f "$HOME/.ssh_agent" && . "$HOME/.ssh_agent"
> Works like a charm!

Very intriguing. What is this elevated autostart thing? Some script
you put in your autostart folder in the start menu? How do you get
Windows to run it?

I'm glad you're happy with the package :-)


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