Fossil 1.30 [Was: Group execute permission regression (??): causing problem in fossil.]

Jan Nijtmans
Mon Feb 9 10:10:00 GMT 2015

2015-02-09 10:23 GMT+01:00 Corinna Vinschen <>:
> No worries.  I guess I should revamp the FAQ to add a more generic
>   Why do my files have certain group permissions and chmod doesn't help?
> entry.  I just didn't expect that this change would create problems with
> other tools than ssh or rlogin :|

A fix for this has been committed in upstream fossil now, pity that it just
missed fossil 1.30. This brings me to the following:

Latest Cygwin-packaged fossil is version 1.29, while fossil 1.30 came out
3 weeks ago. I could prepare a patch for 1.30, if desired. Since 1.29 has
the same problem, I would like to find a new 1.30 version with this fix
to be available soon.

       Jan Nijtmans

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