postinstall script errors for package chicken

Christian Kellermann
Mon Feb 9 09:55:00 GMT 2015 (Dr. Volker Zell) writes:

> Hi
> For both architectures chicken postinstall scripts fail.
> 32-bit:
> =======
> 2015/02/08 14:46:54 running: C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe --norc --noprofile "/etc/postinstall/"
> Error: (require) cannot load extension: setup-download
> 2015/02/08 14:46:54 abnormal exit: exit code=70
> 2015/02/08 14:46:55 can't run /etc/postinstall/ No such file

Hm, strange, IIRC this used to work in And that package has
not been changed.

> 64-bit:
> =======
> 2015/02/08 15:18:16 running: C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe --norc --noprofile "/etc/postinstall/"
> usage: chicken-install [OPTION | EXTENSION[:VERSION]] ...
>   -h   -help                    show this message and exit
>        -version                 show version and exit
>        -force                   don't ask, install even if versions don't match
>   -k   -keep                    keep temporary files
>   -x   -keep-installed          install only if not already installed
>        -reinstall               reinstall all currently installed extensions
>   -l   -location LOCATION       install from given location instead of default
>   -t   -transport TRANSPORT     use given transport instead of default
>        -proxy HOST[:PORT]       download via HTTP proxy
>   -s   -sudo                    use sudo(1) for filesystem operations
>   -r   -retrieve                only retrieve egg into current directory, don't install
>   -n   -no-install              do not install, just build (implies `-keep')
>   -p   -prefix PREFIX           change installation prefix to PREFIX
>        -list                    list extensions available over selected transport and location
>        -host                    when cross-compiling, compile extension only for host
>        -target                  when cross-compiling, compile extension only for target
>        -test                    run included test-cases, if available
>        -username USER           set username for transports that require this
>        -password PASS           set password for transports that require this
>   -i   -init DIRECTORY          initialize empty alternative repository
>   -u   -update-db               update export database
>        -repository              print path used for egg installation
>        -deploy                  build extensions for deployment
>        -trunk                   build trunk instead of tagged version (only local)
>   -D   -feature FEATURE         features to pass to sub-invocations of `csc'
>        -debug                   enable full display of error message information
>        -keep-going              continue installation even if dependency fails
>        -scan DIRECTORY          scan local directory for highest available egg versions
>        -override FILENAME       override versions for installed eggs with information from file
>        -csi FILENAME            use given pathname for invocations of "csi"
>        -show-depends            display a list of egg dependencies for the given egg(s)
>        -show-foreign-depends    display a list of foreign dependencies for the given egg(s)
> chicken-install recognizes the http_proxy, and proxy_auth environment variables, if set.
> 2015/02/08 15:18:16 abnormal exit: exit code=1
> 2015/02/08 15:18:16 can't run /etc/postinstall/ No such file

Is that really done with the package? I will recheck this on
my machine.

Thanks for the heads up!


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