setup*.exe should abort upon download incomplete?

Achim Gratz
Fri Feb 6 07:09:00 GMT 2015

Kal Sze writes:
> 1. I think if the user answers "No", setup should abort the whole
> process;

The question from setup was if you wanted to retry the download, not if
you wanted to abort.  You seem to want it to ask another question.

> 2. Alternatively, setup should not try to install the packages that
> could not be downloaded, and then it should not mark it as installed.

You told it to go ahead and it dutifully tried to continue.  WHich might
work if you had added those files locally via other means.

> Furthermore, it really should show, at the end, a list of packages
> that could not be installed. But seriously, option 1 seems preferable.


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