Updated: setup.exe (Release 2.864)

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 06:56:00 GMT 2015

On 2/6/2015 12:17 AM, Vasiliy wrote:
> Re: Updated: setup.exe (Release 2.867)
> Re: Updated: gcc-4.9.2-2 (x86/x86_64)
> Dear Cygwin Team,
> i) I refer to [1], more recently to [2]:
> "The most visible effect is that Setup will now never downgrade a package."
> It downgrades the "gcc" package from 4.9.2-2 to 4.9.2-1 right now [3].

strange as 4.9.2-2 is current for both architecture

$ cygcheck -cd|grep gcc
gcc-core                                4.9.2-2
gcc-fortran                             4.9.2-2
gcc-g++                                 4.9.2-2

It could be a side effect of a messy setup.ini I think we had yesterday,
or of a stale mirror. Please try again

> ii) Would it be convenient for you to update also the "mingw"
> package(s) from current version 4.8.3 to more recent 4.9.2 the same
> way you have done it for "gcc"?

I assume Jonathan Yong is still working on it.
GCC is a big beast an needs a lot of time to build and validate.

> Kind regards,
> Vasiliy


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