how to determine if a shell is running as Administrator?

J. David Boyd
Thu Feb 5 14:18:00 GMT 2015

Corinna Vinschen <> writes:

> On Feb  5 04:43, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> What's a reliable and efficient way to determine programmatically if the shell
>> that's running has elevated privileges?
>> Or if you prefer, how can I tell if the shell was started with "Run as
>> administrator"?
> id -G | grep -qE '\<544\>' && echo admin || echo luser
>> 2. Parse the output of groups or id -G.  I can't find any reliable way to do
>> this.  For example on my host, when I start a shell with "Run as administrator",
>> the new group I get isn't 544 (Administrators).  It's 114 (Local account and
>> member of Administrators group).  Is that at all portable or reliable?
> Huh?  There is no such group in Windows.  Where does it come from?
> This should always work even with old /etc/group files:
>   id -G | grep -qE '\<544\>|\<0\>' && echo admin || echo luser
> Corinna

This doesn't seem to tell me if my shell has been started with 'Run As
Administrator', it just tells me if my user is contained in the Administrator

I can start a cygwin shell, and start a cygwin shell with run as admin, and I
get the same results from the above command.


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