Argonne (cygwin) software mirror will no longer be available as of February 1, 2015

Ian Lambert
Tue Feb 3 13:15:00 GMT 2015

So this is why update didn't work today... Your tax dollars no longer at work, for you... Can't wait to see the big improvements in "world-class scientific research" to come from this.... if those are publicly available.
Argonne National Laboratory Software Mirror
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Public Argonne software mirror users,

We regret to inform you that public access to the Argonne software mirror will no longer be available as of February 1, 2015. The service will continue to be available onsite to Argonne employees, but offsite access will require an Argonne VPN connection.

The following websites will no longer be accessible from the Internet:
This applies to access via the HTTP, FTP, and rsync protocols.

This was a difficult decision as the Argonne public software mirror has been one of the more popular mirrors in North America for open source software, receiving millions of unique visits a year. However, it has expanded beyond the core scope and mission of the Laboratory, which is to perform world-class scientific research.

If you require access to mirrored software repositories, you will need to reconfigure your system to use a different public software mirror. Please go to the software’s website to find a list of alternative mirrors.

We cannot thank you enough for making the Argonne public software mirror such a success.

- Argonne National Laboratory
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