Compilation continuously increases (non) paged pool memory usage

Tue Dec 29 17:38:00 GMT 2015

>What is leaking here?
Here are some hard numbers:
After the system booted up, nonpaged 70 MB, paged WS 208 MB.
One compilation later: nonpaged 157MB, paged WS 289 MB.
Another one later: 249 MB, 342 MB.
At the moment I'm at 550 MB nonpaged, 650 MB paged WS.

The number of system threads and handles remains about the same.
poolmon shows the main growth of nonpaged memory with tag "Proc" 
(process objects) and paged with tag "Toke" (token objects).

xperf shows cygwin1.dll under Proc.

How could I debug better what is leaking here?

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