SegFault running "ls -l" after Microsoft Patch Day

Sam Edge
Sun Dec 20 11:41:00 GMT 2015

On 18/12/2015 13:06, Dr Rainer Woitok wrote:
> and (of all things!) contain blanks, 

* rant mode on *

What's wrong with blanks?

The OS calls don't give a monkey's chuff so long as they're given
null-terminated C-strings. Tools like find, xargs etc. have options to cope.

The biggest problem is that there are a lot of sloppily written shell
scripts out there that don't properly quote substitutions or that use $*
instead of "$@" or that use command substitution where they should be
using pipes and "xargs" and "read". That's the fault of the scripts, not
the OS/emulation layer.

* rant mode off *

Happy Holidays everyone.

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