Cygwin multithreading performance

Achim Gratz
Fri Dec 18 15:06:00 GMT 2015

Kacper Michajlow writes:
> I recently noticed that Cygwin multithreading is very inefficient. I
> was repacking few git repositories and with Cygwin's git, it spawns
> threads but they are so badly synchronized that there is no speed gain
> over one thread and possible loose because of the overhead. On my
> machine I got 7-10% CPU usage while with git build with mingw easily
> uses 100%.

I've been testing this again with my local copy of Emacs' Git repository
and at least on this two-core system it works just fine (it was working
fine on a four-core system earlier).  The object count phase looks
serialized and doesn't go over 50%, however a good deal of that is
system time anyway, so I assume it's file access.  The actual
compression uses whatever CPU it can get, with the occasional spike in
system time when it goes to disk (it's an SSD).

Is your repo local or on some remote filesystem?

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