Problems using a DLL with Cygwin 64 bit

Philip Taylor
Fri Dec 18 14:11:00 GMT 2015

Thank you for the reply. My situation is this: I was supplied Windows 32-bit and 
64-bit .dll and .lib files by the manufacturer, which I believe were created using 
MS Visual Studio. These are to enable me to use the API for this camera from my 

Building using GCC tools with cygwin, my initial attempt at linking with this API 
library failed with the message : "error adding symbols: File in wrong format.".

I then discovered that by creating and using a new .lib file for this API DLL, using 
the pexports and dlltools utilities, I could get the link to succeed.

Then (under 64 bit Cygwin) I got the message "*** fatal error - cygheap base 
mismatch detected".

What exactly did you mean by "You're not trying to load the Cygwin DLL at runtime 
dynamically?". I am trying to build this application under Cygwin in the same way as 
many others, which all run OK,

Philip Taylor

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