empty cron.log, user switching problem on Windows 10 with Microsoft id

Jason Crawford nnd151217cyg@trewt.us
Fri Dec 18 07:21:00 GMT 2015

Hello everyone,
    Thanks for a great offering and all the help you provide.    I've 
used cygwin for a few years, but not deeply.  cron is one of the tools I 
find very handy.   Recently I upgraded to Windows 10 and ran in to 
problems on my Surface Pro 3.   I installed cygwin cron (latest cygwin 
32bit (2.873).  Cron is 4.1-63.) and it seemed to work but as soon as I 
switched my laptop to use the Microsoft ID cron as Microsoft suggest, 
cron stopped working, complaining that it can not switch id's.   If I do 
a fresh install of Win10, switch to the Microsoft ID, and install cygwin 
and cron, cron won't even work once.   And if I do a fresh install of 
Win10 and never switch to the Microsoft id, cygwin cron works fine.  
When it fails, the cronevents log file complains that it can't switch 
user id's.

I really don't do much.  I just install cygwin with cron, emacs, ssh, 
inetutils, unison, wget.  Then I start up a cygwin window as 
administrator.   Then cron-config, yes (service), [] (blank CYGWIN),  
yes (self), yes (start daemon).   Then I create a trivial cron file "*/1 
* * * *  date >~/cron_is_running.txt".   crontab mycron     ... and I 
wait a minute.  Then I invoke cronevents.

I want to try out all the features of that Microsoft touts as coming 
with use of the Microsoft ID, but I don't want to lose cron.

What do we all suggest that I do next?


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