Permission denied error when running git in 64-bit CYGWIN console

John J Ottusch
Thu Dec 17 18:27:00 GMT 2015

The transition from 32-bit CYGWIN (C32) to 64-bit CYGWIN (C64) has been 
mostly smooth, but I have encountered some unexpected difficulties. The 
latest involves 'git' version 2.5.3.

When I run 'git difftool' from my project directory in a C32 console I 
get the expected behavior, but doing the same in a C64 console produces 
the error

	fatal: cannot exec 'git-difftool': Permission denied
It has been suggested that git generates this error because of an 
inaccessible directory in my $PATH. All the directories check out as 
accessible from the account I am logged in to. Furthermore, logging into 
an account with administrator privileges makes no difference. Even 
reducing my $PATH to /usr/bin makes no difference. I also checked out 
all the mount points.

I have also read that running

	strace -f -e execve git difftool
can help find the $PATH entry that is returning EACCES. But that just 
returns the error

	strace.exe: error creating process execve, (error 2)

Running the same command without execve produces debugging output but 
does not reveal to me the source of the permission denied error.

I note that the problem is apparently related to 'git difftool' invoking 
the git alias 'git-difftool' since 'git diff' works fine.

Any help fixing or debugging this problem would be appreciated.


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