fork issue when lauching cygwin64 process from 32bit native app on Windows 10 TH2

Corinna Vinschen
Sun Dec 6 14:11:00 GMT 2015

On Dec  4 08:34, Linda Walsh wrote:
> Rob van Eijk wrote:
> >
> >Op 1-12-2015 om 17:40 schreef David Macek:
> >>On 1. 12. 2015 15:01, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >>>If that only happens w/ 64 bit Cygwin started from a 32 bit parent, then
> >>>there's some foul-up in the WOW64 layer in terms of starting 64 bit
> >>>processes, perhaps.  Sigh, it's a rather unexpected change after it
> >>>worked fine for so long :(
> >>Yup. I can confirm.
> ----
> 	Win10 has a 32-bit version?
> 	I thought MS said Win8 was the last version that would
> ship in a 32-bit version with their eventual intension to be getting
> rid of 32-bit support entirely (for reasons like it supporting
> various legacy design constraints that make it harder to manage(control)
> as an end-user-platform, for example)?

I guess given that the ARM version is 32 bit anyway, it didn't hurt
to keep the 32 bit i686 version running as well.


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