run.exe fails to start XWin on Windows 8.1 through the shortcut

Achim Gratz
Sat Aug 15 19:08:00 GMT 2015

Jaakov Jaakov writes:
> Several minites ago I've tried run 1.3.4-1. (Previously, I expected
> getting and using a test version to be much harder than it actually
> turned out to be.)

OK, that explains it.

> And, voilà, starting XWin from the shortcut
> succeeded. Also starting from mintty and cmd. Said that:
> - huge,
> - tremendous,
> - enourmous, - exorbitant
> THANKS to you both, for finding a bug and correcting it.

Well, thanks for reporting the bug with enough information to hunt it
down, since I couldn't reproduce it at all.  And of course to Jon for
saving me the trouble of converting the stackdump back to something that
makes sense and having a good eye on where the actual reason for the
crash might be.

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